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About Restaurant Baby

I am a restaurant baby.  I am the daughter of Chinese American restaurant owners.  In her book The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Jennifer 8. Lee touches on what it’s like to be in a restaurant family:  “A family-run restaurant is a seven-days-a week enterprise…Helping out, in Chinese restaurant families, is simply part of the deal of being part of the family.”  My mother made sure to only ask me to work at the restaurant as the last resort to the labor shortage problem.  Though much of my childhood was spent outside of the restaurant’s confines, my family’s restaurant did not only shape my daily routine, but has also been central in shaping my identity and my experiences with food.

A photograph of my father behind the restaurant counter.

To learn more on the photo click here to my youngest sister’s blog.

Restaurant Baby is a collaborative project to document my family’s cooking and stories.  Without the effort to learn and document the cooking process into recipes, the knowledge risks being lost between generations.

Though mainstream food site does not carry many familiar recipes that I grew up eating, I am finding resources and inspiration from cousins, friends, and bloggers who are reaching out to the older generations, as well as each other, to gather and learn the kitchen know-how.  Cooking, as a medium for meaningful interactions, connects me to my family.   Restaurant Baby is a means to log these interactions and to connect to the larger community.

Meet the Restaurant Babies:

Madeline Leung

Restaurant Baby #2
As a Midwest transplanted New Yorker living in Astoria, Queens, Madeline has had the good fortune of dining at a variety of fine establishments that New York City has to offer. But her favorite meals are still home-cooked. She is a believer that food consumed should make one feel good, food shared is tastier, and that the kitchen is a resourceful place.
Photo by Wendy Lam of Goofy Image

Kimberly Leung

Restaurant Baby #4
Kimberly is restaurant baby number four–the Golden Bowl’s fourth and youngest daughter. She joined Restaurant Baby on February 2011, and made it her new year resolution to blog here on a weekly basis. She is thrilled to join in her sister Madeline’s efforts to preserve and share their family recipes and histories. Kimberly is a native Michigander, and an alumna of the University of Michigan. She loves eating fruits and vegetables cultivated in her home state; and has great affection and appreciation toward the farmers, artists and artisans that work to breathe life and energy into her community. She also keeps a personal blog over here.