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My Chai Tea Brings all the People to the House

With the chilly weather, a mug of masala chai warms the soul, and fills the home with goodness. There are a variety of holiday drinks – from eggnog to hot chocolate, but my winter drink of choice is a cup of chai with a heavy hand of cardamom.

When I have company, I like to impress them with homemade chai. I can tweak the amount of sugar and spices to my preference – the advantage over using an instant mix. Chai has become my signature – I’ve given multiple lessons as per friends’ requests, and had even received an inquiry to make a pitcher if one provides the milk.

For the last few years, my family has gotten together for dinner to celebrate Christmas and my grandmother’s birthday. This year will be the third Christmas without my grandmother, but in her honor, all of us young ones continue to find the opportunity to come together.

This Christmas, my family will be hosting after dinner dessert. I will be serving chai to accompany the baked goodies. A good cup of tea always brings people together. What will you be serving this holiday season?

Additional Chai Recipes and Resources :

10 years ago I could not find a decent chai recipe online, but today, there are many good recipes posted online. It’s readily available and a common place in both Starbucks and the American household.

I think of chai as yummy delicious goodness – but the history of chai is much more complex, one that is intertwined with colonialism and power dynamics. I have an interest in both the history of tea and the workings of the current tea market – from cultivation, to labor, tea auction, and how tea plays a role in the local and world economy. Any suggestions on good reads?

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1 LC { 12.16.12 at 3:21 AM }

Mmm…I would love to try your homemade chai tea one of these days. So ” warm”!

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