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For Good Luck on Your Wedding Day: Sooji Halva (Semolina Pudding)

Recipe and Photos by: Sonia Leung

Restaurant Baby (RB) #3 tied the knot in May of 2011. She was the first in our family to marry. If there was one thing Mom made sure of, it was for RB#3 to marry with all the luck and good wishes. Mom consulted relatives, and friends – especially those with an elderly at home, on our hometown Chinese wedding traditions. As it turns out, RB#3’s mother-in-law (Auntie K) was also doing the same.

On the day of the wedding, while all the girls were primping (starting at 6:30am), Auntie K brought breakfast galore and the much appreciated coffee to the bridal chamber. Along with breakfast she dropped off a tray of semolina pudding, and instructed that everyone eat some: “At least a bite. It’s sweet. This is a lucky food in our culture (Gujarati).”

After having a bite, we went “Mmmm…yummy! I’m going to get more luck,” and refilled our plates. We happily obliged, and made sure all family and friends coming into the bridal chamber at least had a bite.

It just so happened that three days before the wedding, RB#1 reorganized the kitchen cupboard for the conclusion to the Eat Down the House challenge. Overwhelmed with the variety of flours in stock – semolina, buckwheat, cake, bread flour – RB#1 made a passing comment, “What am I suppose to do with semolina flour?”

It occurred to us, that this simple, delicious lucky pudding was a perfect way to use up the semolina flour.

The overwhelming contents of a cabinet.

Ingredients for the Sooji Halva.

Adding semolina flour to pan.

Happy One Year Anniversary – Wedding Hightlights:

All the lucky customs and lucky food must have worked. RB#3 and my brother-in-law are one of the most blessed couples. They have so much love for each other and from their family and friends. Happy 1 year anniversary! And many more sweet memories to come!

The happy bride and groom! Photo by: Raquel Castaneda

Puja Portrait Photo by: JLBWedding

At the Mendhi Party

RB#1, RB#2, Sassy Grandma, and RB#4 before the ceremony. Photo by: Kitty Leung


1 Sonia { 05.14.12 at 5:40 AM }

Yay, RB is back!!!

2 Allie { 05.14.12 at 1:03 PM }

Love it!

3 LC { 06.02.12 at 6:39 PM }

It was a beautiful wedding with all the RBs =)

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