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My Birthday Celebration: Carrot Cupcakes

Growing up, my mother always celebrated every one of the kid’s birthday, by getting a cake. Being the birthday girl doesn’t mean that it’s all about me. All the kids in the household, not just the birthday girl, would get a red envelope from both my mother and grandmother.

A birthday celebration with cake and red envelopes for all.

Even though birthdays were always celebrated, it never excused my sisters or me from working at the restaurant during times of labor shortage. As a 12 year old, I protested “But mom! It’s my birthday,”- my last appeal to finagling out. My mother would respond, “So what? I have to work every day, including my birthday.” Point taken.

I was taught to seize every opportunity to celebrate, and that celebration does not only mean taking. For my birthday, I enjoy not only celebrating me, but those around me who makes my life so sweet. For my recent 28th my best friend, Lee Ann, gave me the perfect gift—a gift that keeps giving.

Lee Ann, an aspiring pastry chef, had wanted to make my birthday cake. Instead of making one cake, I started counting the folks in my life, and suggested she double the batch. Being the birthday girl, Lee Ann happily obliged and made a total of 44 carrot cupcakes over the course of six hours.

Doubling the batch means fractions!

It was a gift that kept giving back. I shared my cupcakes with friends over my birthday brunch, with my colleagues on Monday, and with my neighbors. As a result of sharing the cupcakes, I got that many more good wishes, birthday cheers, and a few more birthday treats.

Next time when your friends gather for your birthday dinner, it’s a nice courtesy to bring a treat.
A carrot cupcake made by Lee Ann

Cupcakes being boxed up and ready to go.

Other Carrot Cake Recipes:

Lee Ann’s boo-boo from grating carrots


1 Kimberly Leung { 05.20.11 at 8:35 PM }

Lee Ann’s baking spreads joy around the world. Cute photos! From the Polaroid to the fractions.

2 sandi liang { 05.20.11 at 9:43 PM }

hahaha I totally remember the haircuts!!! we ALL had the same haircut at one point or another

happy birthday, cous 🙂

3 Madeline Leung { 05.21.11 at 7:35 AM }

Sandi – I’m assuming Ellie and Bella will continue this great tradition of the bowl hair cut. 🙂 Thank you for the bday wish.

4 Lee Ann { 05.21.11 at 10:17 PM }

Awww, thanks Kim and Mad-a-line! Can I tell you – after your b-day, I went and bought an 8-cup food processor? Hehe, so when I make another 40+ carrot cupcakes for you, I won’t have any accidents again… teehee! Love you lots, babe, and can’t wait to celebrate many more b-days with you every year!!!

5 Rachel { 07.30.11 at 7:38 PM }

Love this post! It came out quite nice and yummy! The poloroid pic is gold and the process of baking pics work really nice!

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