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Mom’s Special Delivery

My mom does many wonderful things for her children – one of which is cooking for us. Whenever she gets the chance, she would make 6-9 dishes and delivers it to my sisters’ place. Here is her latest delivery with a note.
Soup, yu-choy, snow peas, a fish dish with a note attached.

Serena and Teresa Wu have compiled many loving and hilarious submissions on stories of Asian American mom’s on My Mom is a Fob. With Mother’s Day coming up, I’m thinking of ways to celebrate with and honor my mother. What are your plans for Mother’s Day?


1 Lee Ann { 05.05.11 at 8:44 AM }

This is too cute!

Mothers sacrifice so much for their children, and I think EVERY day should be Mother’s Day! We should all take the time once in a while to say “I love you” or “I miss you” or even find ways to show our love back to them.

Babe, I bought a nice top from Ann Taylor for Mom and will be getting her yellow and peach roses. Of course, the family dinner will be on Saturday at Grandfather’s place in Brooklyn.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!

2 Madeline Leung { 05.05.11 at 9:17 AM }

You are too cute! Wishing Auntie Jennie a wonderful Mother’s Day!

3 Sonia { 05.05.11 at 2:44 PM }

Don’t worry, Mom. I didn’t choke on the little bone.

4 Allie { 05.08.11 at 8:43 PM }

Your mom’s deliveries probably caused my love of the leung family.

5 Madeline Leung { 05.11.11 at 8:42 AM }

Allie – That’s so sweet. 🙂 My mom would happily make ribs for you. So excited to see you this weekend!

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