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Eat Down the House: How to Cook Frozen Dumplings

Please welcome guest blogger Sonia, my oldest sister and Restaurant Baby #1, as she eats down her fridge with dumplings noodle soup.

Eat Down the House: Frozen Dumplings

Restaurant Baby #4 (aka Kim) and I hosted a Chinese New Year dinner party in January. The day before, Kim and her friends made a huge batch of dumplings. Thanks to the wonders of modern refrigeration in the form of our freezer, to this day I am still benefiting from their hard work. On my days off, I like to wake up early just so I can have my go-to breakfast comfort food, a big bowl o’ noodles complete with dumplings and some veg.

Here is how I like to cook my dumplings, which is to pan-fry them. You may prefer yours to be steamed or boiled, and below are links for those methods.

Other Ways to Cook Frozen Dumplings:

Eat Down the House items eaten: 2-week old napa cabbage, Chinese egg noodles, Sambal Delek hot sauce, roasted seaweed, homemade vegetable broth, frozen dumplings


1 Lee Ann { 04.06.11 at 12:16 PM }

Hmm, ya know what? I eat dumplings and noodles a lot, and for some reason, I never would have thought to put the two together =P Thanks for the friendly reminder!

2 Madeline Leung { 04.06.11 at 2:07 PM }

I’m thinking back to your first time making frozen dumplings. It was your first year living off campus in college. Boy! That was a year of learning. Your dumplings became mixed dumpling soup!

3 Sonia { 04.09.11 at 10:31 PM }

I’m almost done eating all of Kim’s frozen dumplings . . . only one more meal left! I’m not saving any for you guys for when you finally come visit. Nom nom nom. I eat everything. Nom nom nom.

4 Madeline Leung { 04.10.11 at 12:36 AM }

Apparently Wob has become a master dumpling folder during her time in China. So – she’ll make more.

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