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Mommy’s Lo Han Jai (Buddha’s Delight)

Please welcome guest blogger Kimberly, my youngest sister and fellow restaurant baby, who shares with our mother’s lo han jai recipe. ~Madeline

Happy Chinese New Year! Traditionally, the first meal of the new year is vegetarian to counteract the excessive feasting from the night before and to cleanse the body. Growing up, my mom would prepare lo han jai on new year’s eve, and each member of the family will have it for breakfast the following day. While there are so many rich and succulent foods served during the new year, this dish–subtle in its flavors, but bursting with textures–is one of my favorites. If you are not too familiar with Chinese foods, some ingredients here may appear foreign, but they should be available at your nearest Chinese grocery store.


1 Madeline Leung { 02.03.11 at 1:18 PM }

I like fat choy in it too, but that’s a harder ingredient to find.

2 Kimberly Leung { 02.03.11 at 1:22 PM }

That’s the same thing as “black moss”. I purchased it from Hua Xing. But mom says you have to be careful with fat choy, there are a lot of imitation products–apparently there is an incident where a company was dying the hair on corn husks black and selling it as fat choy.

3 Madeline Leung { 02.03.11 at 2:37 PM }

Yeah – it’s best not to put it in – esp since it’s over harvested too.

4 Lee Ann { 02.03.11 at 5:57 PM }

Omg, thanks for putting this post up!! I love it!

And… gung hay fot choy!!! Lai see dao loy =DDD

5 Allison { 02.04.11 at 11:48 AM }

The Jai was really good! The hot and sour soup was to die for too. You have the recipe for that?

6 Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome the year of the Dragon! | Oy Vegan! { 01.21.12 at 6:22 PM }

[…] has a pretty awe­some recipe for Jai. You can also check out chow.com’s cook­ing with Grandma series […]

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