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If You Are a Food, What Food Would You Be?

I’m a Tang Yuan. My Grandma Said So.

Phone Conversation with My Grandma:

Me: …and then the bitch said….to me!  I don’t know what’s her problem!

G: (In her wise serious voice)  This person is absolutely useless.  If she can’t even get along with my Madeline, then she can count on getting along with no one.

Me: Really?  Am I that awesome?

G: Everybody gets along with my Madeline.  My grandbaby is the most considerate…like a “tang yuan:  mall de yuan, gum de bian” can be rolled into a ball or pressed flat.

Me: What?!!?!  But I don’t want to be a push over for other people to roll me or squash me!

G: *Sigh* Aiya!  Why is my grandchild such a dummy!  The meaning is that you are flexible and good with people.  It’s a good thing!

My G and me. I was showing her the flip screen on the camera.

So I am a tang yuan and what a great food to be!  Tang yuan represent wholeness and unity.  It is eaten on holidays with the whole family, as well as special occasions- like weddings.  Chinese like 意頭 (yi4 tou2) and tang yuan has great意頭 (roughly translate to auspicious meaning).

Tang yuan is flexible.  It can be plain or stuffed with filling (red bean, black sesame, peanut & coconut).   Tang yuan is basically a rice cake (or more so a ball).  It can be throw into any soup – sweet or savory.  If you have extra dough, it can even be squash and pan-fried.  I’m a tang yuan, well-rounded and adept to many situations.  What are you?

Note: You don’t really need to measure out the water – I normally just add water until it’s about the right consistency.  The consistency will feel a little dry and crumbly –you want just enough to form dough.

Note: This simple syrup may be the inspiration for my Grandma’s Chinese oatmeal – made with oats, ginger, Chinese brown sugar, milk, and eggs.

Other Tang Yuan Recipes


1 Your Honey Bun { 05.04.10 at 9:37 AM }

I LOVE how “yuen” you are =D

Looking forward to trying these recipes once I settle into my new place…

2 Allison leung { 07.09.10 at 12:54 PM }

Hehehe I can hear this conversation in my head. How grandma!

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