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Porridge to Help You Get Out of Bed


Chilly mornings make me want to hit snooze and burrow deeper into my comforter. But the allure of a good breakfast can get me out from under. Porridge. I make it all year round, but during the colder seasons, I am particularly thankful to porridge.

This week, I made a black rice porridge. It received good reception on the Instagram, and a request from a friend for the recipe. Because we can all use a little morning motivation, the recipe is below. If you have a trusted porridge recipe, please do share with me in the comments. Good morning, and enjoy!

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November 18, 2015   No Comments

Five Ways to Handle an Overripe Banana Crisis

overripe bananas

Yuck, my bananas are attracting fruit flies!

Got overripe bananas? Don’t toss them yet! Here are five ways you could use them… [Read more →]

September 18, 2015   2 Comments

New Roomies, New Kitchen + Food in the News


New roommates Wally and Toki still having trouble getting along, to their owners’ frustration.

Whoops! I have been absent here for a little while, the reason being: I moved! Cooking in the midst of moving is hard. The first night of the move Peter and I treated ourselves to stuffed pizza from Lou Malnati’s. But three weeks into the move, we found ourselves still eating out.

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September 9, 2015   No Comments

Sardines and Beans


Bean salads tend to be a weekly affair, and here is another one of my regulars: sardines and black-eyed peas salad. The recipe is here. The addition of celery adds crunch. The capers add tang. I have also previously substituted the sardines with tuna, anchovies, and canned herring, depending on what’s available in the pantry.

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August 16, 2015   No Comments

My Chinese-Indian Southern Belle’s Guide to Durham


Allison at her puja ceremony before her wedding. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Bennett of JLBWedding)

Last Sunday was my sister Allison’s birthday, aka Restaurant Baby #3. Happy belated birthday, my southern belle!

I call Allison a southern belle because if there is a place that best embodies her, it is probably the South. Though born and raised in the Midwest, Allison knows and shows southern hospitality like it’s in her blood. Allison has a sweet-as-pie demeanor. She shows generosity to all whom she meets. She pulls off colorful floral prints very well. And she loves to cook and host, excelling at both… Sorry fellows, she’s married to her high school sweetheart.

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August 5, 2015   3 Comments

Food in the News: Food Waste, Channing Tatum, the Case Against “Ethnic Food”, and more…

pig tales cover

Did you know that pigs can beat three-year-old humans at video games? Or that despite their reputation as lethargic creatures, domestic pigs have an average 11mph running speed?

Did you know that up to 40 percent of the food produced in the US never gets eaten?

Reading can make a fool like me sound smart, no? This weekend I started reading Pig Tales by Barry Estabrook. So far it’s entertaining me with fun pig facts, but beyond that, it’s also nudging me to reflect on my own behavior as a bacon consumer.

Food has been in the news, and I wanted to share a few articles that have come to my attention recently. I figure if you visit Restaurant Baby, you probably enjoy reading about food. And who wouldn’t? From the few articles below it’s clear–food is personal, and political, and our relationship with it speaks volumes about who we are as individuals and a society.

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July 27, 2015   No Comments

An ABC discovers PB+B


PB&B using dried bananas, a slightly new twist on an old school lunch.

I have not seen ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, but I have heard from fellow ABCs–American Born Chinese–that they find familiarity in Eddie Huang’s childhood experiences. One scene shows Eddie navigating his school lunchroom. The cool kids invite Eddie to sit with them, but when he twists open his tupperware container revealing some kind of Asian noodles, the kids plug their noses and shriek, “What is that?”

Ah, the elementary school cafeteria–a place where poignant lessons are learned. Perhaps for many ABCs of my generation, it was a place where we learned that we are different, or at least that others will insist on our differences. We also learned that we cannot share or trade our favorite foods with our friends because cha siu bao looks bloody, and everything else we like is stinky.

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July 21, 2015   No Comments

Blueberry + Buttermilk Muffins

blueberry muffin

Blueberries were on sale for 99 cents a pint at my local grocery store. Next thing I know, I had hoarded more blueberries than I could eat. Meanwhile, I had some leftover week-old buttermilk in the fridge. Blueberry buttermilk muffins it is!

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